Incoming Freshman & Transfer Info

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Incoming Freshman & Transfer Info

Pinnacle Spiritline will be holding auditions for incoming freshman for the 2018-2019 season! Due to the AIA ruling, incoming freshmen cannot audition until August 2019. All Freshman & Transfer Students will be auditioning for our NEW Gameday Spiritline. Please see the information below for more information regarding important dates. 

Important Dates:

MANDATORY Pre-audition Parent Meeting

  • Monday July 29th @ 6:30 pm in F-Lecture Hall
  • At least one parent is required to attend along with the candidate. Permission and Agreement Paperwork will be distributed and collected at that time ONLY. 
  • Topics will include audition process, financial investment, and time commitment

Audition Clinic Days 

  • Monday August 5th – Wednesday August 7th @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm in Small Gym
  • Small Gym is located on the south side of the school near bus lane
  • Must attend ALL days of clinics

Audition Day 

  • Thursday August 8th @ 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Parent / Athlete meeting for all new members 

  • Friday August 9th @ 7:00 pm 

Note: All Athletes auditioning the week of August 5th will be auditioning for our Gameday Cheer and Pom Teams. If the coaching staff feels the athletes talents would be better used on the varsity level a meeting will be set up by the coaching staff with the athlete, parent(s) and coaches to discuss the additional commitment of moving up to the varsity level.

Please read the information contained on this page to prepare for your audition!

Required Prior to Auditions:

All candidates auditioning need to complete the following prior to the Mandatory Parent / Athlete Meeting on Monday July 29th:

  • 2019-20 PVUSD Athletic Physical Packet   (Click to download / print)
    • 8 pages in total
    • Requires a physician signature in two different places throughout packet
    • Athletic packets need to returned to Coach Kaley Nowaczyk at Parent / Athlete meeting Monday July 29th. In the case of missing signatures, we can contact you before auditions the following Monday. No athlete will be allowed to participate in Auditions until this packet is cleared by the Athletic Secretary!
  • Informed Consent & Hazing Awareness Videos
  • Brainbook Concussion Education @ (must register for an account first)
    • Print and submit certificate with the 2019-20 Physical Packet

Note: Spiritline Application & Additional Paperwork will be distributed at mandatory Pre-tryout Parent / Athlete meeting on Monday July 29th! Please come prepared with a pen / pencil to complete paperwork

General Audition Information:

Important points to be judged 

Technique of skills execution, coordination, rhythm, personality, appearance, poise, showmanship, and knowledge and ability to learn quickly. Considered into the score will be teacher recommendations, school attendance, and grades. Please view the break down of scoring for pom and cheer by selecting the actual score sheet below.

It is highly recommended that you print the score sheet & take it to your dance studio or cheer gym for help on mastering the included elements. Start preparing as soon as possible.

2019 Pom Judging Form

2019 Cheer Judging Form

Cheer Emphasis

  • Flexibility & power for jumps
  • Advanced tumbling skills
  • Arm motion placement & sharpness when chanting & dancing
  • Showmanship & enthusiasm when chanting & dancing

Pom Emphasis

  • Arm motion placement & sharpness
  • Advanced technical skill development
  • Flexibility & power for high toe touches, kicks, and leg holds
  • Ability to learn advanced material in a short period of time
  • Showmanship & demonstration of elite physical fitness when performing

Good to know before considering trying out…

  • Gameday Spiritline is a year-round sport beginning in April & ending in February
  • Practices are 2-4 days per week
  • Games are 1 day per week
  • Community service and fundraising is a requirement of all members
  • Cheerleaders are not permitted to cheer on any other teams like All-star or Club cheer